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Be a Sweetie

wipe the seatie....​

A new must for shared bathrooms in offices, bars, schools, workplaces, restaurants, care facilities, public toilets, sports changing rooms, halls, churches, shops & all public venues.

Specially formulated Surface Sanitiser
Proven to kill Covid-19 & protect for 24 Hours
No need for Non biodegradable wet wipes
Easy & safe to apply in a toilet cubicle

Having carried out significant due diligence we now

 supply our own special surface sanitiser in 100% recycled bottles. 

Non Alcohol, vegan friendly, non flammable unlike many sanitisers our 

special formula is developed for general public use reducing possible mitigation.

You are in control, be part of our Be a Sweetie community!

It is in all our interests to keep and create a clean, sterile, safe environment. 

The elephant in the room is normally in the public bathroom, because of its shared use and the potential of germs on toilet seats,

 flushing handles and door locks in the actual toilet stall/cubical, which concerns us most.

Be a sweetie is the solution, simply take a sheet or two of toilet tissue, squirt a dollop of our Be a Sweetie sanitiser onto the

 tissue from the Be a Sweetie dispenser and apply to the areas that you will be touching with your hands or cheeks.

This reduces the need for using non bio degradable "wet wipes" as a cleaning agent before you "take the throne".

If you find your Be a Sweetie dispenser empty or running low, hit the QR code & let us know via our reorder section.

A Real Recycling Solution & less waste due to the effectiveness of our surface sanitiser!

At Be a Sweetie we distill and blend our own specialised surface sanitisers, a sanitiser which is safe on skin,

 contains no alcohol, is food safe, does not exasperate respiratory conditions like COPD/Asthma, 

is safe around assistance dogs & is UK tested to kill Covid-19 & uniquely will continue to protect

 for up to 24 hours following application. Less man hours cleaning & less waste wiping surfaces.

With our decanting process & the safety associated with our product we can 

hand bottle our specialised sanitising liquid into containers. 

This allows us to create non robotic employment and we can then fill a variety of recycled containers, 

received from our customers e.g plastic screw top bottles, rinsed out, with label removed.

We then refill and repurpose the preloved plastic bottle with our sanitiser, 

appropriately relabel the bottle and simply return the refilled bottle. 

This is true 100% recycling of plastic bottles! Another first we are proud of...

What our customers are saying

Love this, no more hovering! This system is 

obviously invented by a woman! 

Julie, Liverpool

What our customers are saying

I don't have OCD but am particular when it comes to khazi's,

love the way this allows me to ensure its clean. 

Thomas, Belfast

What our customers are saying

Used this system in a restaurant, simple but reassuring, 

hope my college installs them! 

Ellie, York.

© 2019 Be a Sweetie, FCNI Ltd. All Data available is specific to each dispenser available via facilitator.

Like all sanitisers do not take internally/ingest/put into eyes/mouth, or use on open wounds. If in doubt seek urgent medical attention. 

Patent pending, IP protected,  copyrighted 2020. Dispenser may vary slightly from image.